Why use Unity?

why use untiy

Kila is a big project which must be well managed in order to support both developers and customers. The three main issues that need to be solved are: high volume data resources, appearance, and coding support. So, why use Unity for Kila?

AssetBundles System

Hands down, we have a huge amount of content including books, games, and other stuff. Without AssetBundles, no device could handle this amount of disk space. It’s easy to build and it’s easy to upload, download, or load/unload a bundle in Kila. By using this method, scaling up is no longer a critical problem.  See AssetBundles.


As an application for children, Kila needed to have an engaging and flexible GUI, and Unity 4.6 GUI satisfies these requirements. It can scale in many resolutions, handles interaction inputs well, supports common GUI elements and is very friendly with animation sprites. Check out these examples.

Scripting Support

We are all familiar with C#. However, at the start, we wanted to try something new with Lua in Corona and JavaScript in Cocos2D. Both of them have weak a structure and weak policies. So Unity became the boss.

Friendly friends

When we first used Unity for Kila, we became frustrated with a number of problems we couldn’t solve. The Unity community helped us a lot by giving good advice, and highlighting some shortcuts. You are always welcome to ask questions on Unity Answers or share ideas in Unity Forum. In addition, you can save precious time by searching for other developers’ assets in the Asset Store. They sell or even share custom content so you don’t need to develop them yourself.