Why do we get Brain Freeze?


It’s hot. So hot that Kila have to take an ice cream.
Yum! Yum! Oh! I ate so quickly, my head is getting so much pain. Mom?

Have you ever get headache while eating ice cream like me? Don’t be worry, it’s not dangerous.

First of all, do you know where is your palate? Your palate is known as the roof of your mouth. You can feel it with your tongue. Try it.

Now, when something very cold touches the center of your palate before you swallow, the cold temperature makes certain nerves that control blood flows to your head. The nerves respond by causing the blood vessels in the head to swell up. This quick causes your head hurt. Some people call this a “brain freeze”.

Scientists think the brain is adapting to the “freeze” through a self-defense mechanism. The headache only lasts about minutes and it goes away on its own. The pain that you feel is harmless and it cause no problem to your body.

The solution to prevent brain freeze is eating your cold foods slow. If you start to feel an ice cream headache coming on, take a break from the cold food. That way your palate will warm up a little so you can enjoy the rest of your chilly dessert.

Image source: wikimedia.org