Weird things happened while we sleep


Sleep not only restores the body, it also maintains the mind. It clarifies the memories formed from the previous day and makes preparations for the next morning.

Why do we sleep? Actually, we don’t know. We spend about a third of our lives doing it. The important is, after we wake up, most of us have more energy and don’t want to sleep anymore.

However, did you know that weird things happened while we sleep?

Sleep phases

We go through 4 stages on sleep cycle, and each stage serves a different purpose.

Stage 1: You first fall asleep but are not yet in a deep sleep. You can hear your brother farting, cat meowing, or car honking. This stage takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

Stage 2: Your brain’s activity starts to slow down, as well as your heart rate and breathing. Your body temperature falls and relaxes. You become disengaged from surroundings.

Stage 3: Now you are in deep sleep. Your brain waves are slow. There is no eye move or muscle activity.  It’s hard to wake you up, but if  you get awakened suddenly during this stages, you will find it difficult to focus at first.

Growth hormones is released and energy restored. Some kids are most likely to suffer bedwetting, sleepwalking and night terrors.

Stage 4: This is an interesting stage because dreams occur.  Your blood flow and breathing increases. The muscle of your arms and legs are paralyzed. Your brain is about as active as it is when you’re awake. Your eye moves like crazy, and scientists called it Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M). This stage takes 20-30% of the time you are sleeping, and decreases with age.

Weird things you do

Slows Down Kidneys: As you sleep, the filtering action of your kidneys slows and produces less urine. That why your urine is usually so dark at the first time.

Create explosion: It’s not what you are thinking. Some old people may hear loud bang called exploding head syndrome. It’s usually painless, but frightening.

Talk a lot: Some people talk while sleeping. You don’t realize you doing it. It’s hard to explain why and it happens in any stage of sleep. Just hoping you keep secrets from anybody.

Narrows Your Throat: As your muscles relax, your throat naturally narrows a bit. This is one of many reasons cause noisy snores.

Packs Dead Cells: During deep sleep, many of body’s cells increase production and repairs of damage from factors. This makes you feel beautiful and confidence in the morning.