Things your kids need to hear


Here is a list of encourage phrases your kids need to hear. Some of these examples fit in many kinds of scenarios. It’s not difficult for parents to say these things daily in conversation. You never know the words of encouragement from you can make a huge impact to you kids life.

“I believe in you/I trust you”

Your kids will grow up feeling secure if they know that we trust and believe in them. Tell them that you trust them and respect their decision.

“I love you”

Unconditionally, and nothing will ever change that.

Make sure it’s accompanied with a hug and a kiss.

“Let’s skip everything and just have fun today.”

If  you pick your kids soon from school, you can go around with them, take them to park, to restaurant or any fun place. You will send a message that you are willing to slow down the everyday errands and chore of life to spend time with your kids.

“Is there anything you want to talk about?”

You kids will love this question because it leads to conversations about experiences, emotions, fears and worries that you would never have known about or been able to share. There should be very few times when kids answer no. They are fun to crave opportunities to connect with you as their parents.

“I’m sorry”

Two simple words, “I’m sorry”, from parents to kids, have a monumental impact on them. Many parents don’t realize the importance of apologizing to their child. They also don’t believe they need to apologize. The fact is, when a parent apologizes to a child, it further cements the parent-child relationship and provides the child with a sense of safety and well-being.

“You are so cool”

This phrases works for every kids. It boosts confidence, make you kids open up to you, and does so much more.

“I know you can.”

Kids easy to lose confidence when they are trying to do something a few times but fail. As parents, you need to encourage them to keep trying, and let them know that you believe in them. Make them feel stronger and nothing is impossible.

“I canceled your appointment with the dentist.”

This is a super powerful charm.


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