The Lion and the Fox

The Lion and the Fox

A lion was getting very old.

He found it more and more difficult to catch his prey.

Then one day he got an idea: he would stay in his cave and catch and eat any animal that came near him.

The next day a fox came trotting along. When he came near to the cave, he saw the old lion lying there. “How are you today, Mr. Lion!” he asked politely.

“Oh!” said Mr Lion, “I am so sick. Please come in and feel how hot my head is.”

He came close enough to talk to the lion, but he did not go into the cave. “Oh no! Mr. Lion,” said the fox. “I can see many footprints going into your cave, but none come out. You are dangerous, Mr. Lion. Good bye!” And the fox ran off as fast as he could.

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