The Horse and the Donkey

The Horse and the Donkey

A man once owned a beautiful horse and a very ugly donkey. The horse always had plenty to eat and was well groomed, but the donkey was very poorly cared for.

One bright morning, both animals were made ready for a long journey. A saddle was placed upon the horse, and a heavy pack of goods was loaded upon the donkey.

After going a short distance, the donkey looked up at the proud horse and asked: “Would you mind helping me today? I feel too ill to carry this heavy load.”

The horse held his head very high while the donkey was talking; then he replied: “Go on, you lazy beast! I am not a burden bearer.”

The donkey groaned and moved forward a few steps, then fell to the ground.

The load was taken from the donkey’s back and placed upon the horse. At the close of the day, the horse reached the end of his journey. Every bone in his body was aching, and he was so lame that he could hardly walk.

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