Pros and cons of having summer vacation for kids

summer vacation

Summer vacation is one of the most exciting events children are waiting for. They all look forward to weeks of no school, hanging out with friends all day and enjoying the holiday. Although children get large amounts of homework to do during the summer, it’s still a time for them to sit back and having fun. But a long time away from school may not always be the best thing to do for the kids. As far as Kila know, all schools have summer vacation, and there must be some reasons for that.

The biggest advantage is for children with families who live a long distance from relatives are able to travel, sometimes across the ocean, in order to connect with their loved ones. Even if they don’t have family far away, an holiday is a great opportunity to spend some time with family. During the school days, kids have to wake up early,  at 7 or 8 o’clock. Therefore, the total amount of time that kids actually spend with family in the same room is about 3-4 hours a day. These stats show the lack of conversation and connection. So to rebuild the relationship between kids and parents, go to vacation, or achieve something together during the summer. This will affect the level of reliability and the mood of the whole family.

The second advantage is that children can be freed from the daily lessons. Every day, kids are under great pressure to complete homework, prepare for tests and quizzes, and so on. Needless to say, this situation is extremely tiring, and it is natural for kids to demand for some break. Periodic vacation gives impulse to kids school days, and stops kids from getting bored of school life.

Furthermore, summer holiday is also a time to experience things that kids are not able to do in their daily life. To be a decent adult, kids have to learn fixed knowledge, kids have to have humanity. This can’t be taken in by just solving equations or learning vocabulary, but by special experience. For example, in some wild resorts, kids get the chance to swim, rock climb, roast marshmallows, sleep inside a tent in the woods, and make new friends. This really is a chance that kids can only go to during the summer.

However, a long time away from school may not always be the best thing for kids. Summer vacation can disturb some kids daily routines. Without school, there is no need for kids to wake up early in the morning. Therefore, they tend to stay up late and wake up late. If kids continue to live like that, it may becomes a habit, which cannot be fixed easily.

Another disadvantage of summer vacation is that kids have to handle a huge amount of homework. Even during summer vacation, kids are not allowred to completely get away from the school work. If there was no summer vacation, kids would be having less work per day. Because of summer vacation, kids have to catch up with the corresponding amount of work for the lost lessons.

Although there are advantages and disadvantages, the summer vacation is an important break for kids to enjoy some time away from school, and having fun. There are a lot of ways to use the summer, but along with vacation and playing with friends, experiencing some things that can’t be taught in school is a good way to spend the summer break.