Why do we all love Newborns


From the moment babies enter the world, they mystify us with their cuteness. We almost instinctively treat babies as special, protecting them and enabling them to survive. Why? Why do small helpless things turn even the most rude adult into a helpless wreck?

Their cuteness are endless

The babies we find cutest—no matter what species they are—may have evolved to look so cute because they need a parent’s attention. Konrad Lorenz, an Austrian zoologist, proposed in the mid-20th century that human infants are cute for a reason. He said evolution has created adorable babies so that their parents will take care of them. When we see a face with big eyes, a big head, and a tiny nose and mouth, we can’t help but feel affection.

Their scents are addictive

Any parent who has snuggled a newborn baby knows the powerful feelings evoked from smelling that fresh, warm little head. “These are the areas of the brain that are activated if you are very hungry and you finally get something to eat or if you are a drug addict and you finally get the drug you were craving,” says study co-author Johannes Frasnelli, a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in the department of psychology at the University of Montreal. “Apparently nature has provided us with a tool that helps with the bonding between a mother and her newborn child. It’s very strong.”

Their existences make you proud

There’s no confidence boost in the world quite like that of knowing that you created from scratch, grew, birthed and nurtured a baby. Really, what could be more important than all of that? You have done something amazing, and your newborn baby is living proof of that. Holding your baby in your arms reminds you that you are awesome and have done something to be very, very proud of.