How to Defend Yourself from Bullies?


Bullies can make you feel hurt, scared, and embarrassed by using violent actions and bad words.

Being bullied  can make you not want to go to school or play outside. It’s hard to focus on studying when you’re worried about how to deal with the bullies at the canteen.

Are you being bullied? There are things you can do to defend yourself from bullies.

What to do to keep you out of trouble

  • When you walk on campus, walk with confidence. Stand up straight, look directly at people, and make eye contact. If you have friends, of course you do, walk with them.
  • Avoid taking shortcuts. Make sure the paths you take are clear and have decent lightning.
  • Maintain safe distance with strangers.
  • Remember emergency phones on campus.
  • Most schools have bullying policies and anti-bullying programs. Find out about the laws in your community.
  • Think about what you post online. Do not share private information on the Internet.
  • If you learn martial arts and let’s people know that, bullies might not touch you.
  • Respect everyone

What to do if you’re bullied

Use non-violent method

  • Stay calm. It’s natural to get mad by bullies, but that’s what they want. Instead, try counting to 10 or take a deep breath with a “poker face”.
  • Look at your bullies and tell them to stop. Don’t say anything including threats, insults, racism, or even compliments to bullies. Don’t show them that you care much about the things they say.
  • Quickly look for an escape route and walk away.
  • If the bullies get too far, find an adult to stop the bullying on the spot or report them to school administrator or police.

If thing goes bad

  • Let’s your opponents start the fight ( if they started the fight you will get less trouble with school, and the law)
  • If they throw things at you, try to avoid the objects, especially sharp objects. Don’t block those objects with your body parts, you will get injured.
  • If you are small, just run. If you are big enough, use your size at advantage: stand up tall, ball up your fists, and puff out  your chest. You may scare bullies.
  • If  fighting is not avoidable,  keep your balance and do not let you fall. Try to move around, dodge, and fight back. Resist as much as you can to get out of that position.

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