Hello from Kila

Kila is a mobile app that stimulates the love of reading and gain the imagination of kids with fables and fairy tales. And this is the inspiring story behind it:

“I have a lovely daughter. She grows up everyday and she starts learning the world. My wife and I often search and download a lot of iPad apps for kid: cartoon books, kid games, songs apps, etc. But we found that it’s really hard to find good and safe contents for her. And we also really didn’t know what she did with the app when we left her with iPad.

So we wished there’s an app that helps us to show appropriate contents to our kid, to know what she did on the app, to know what she likes the most. And we think that other parents are also in same situation.

I shared this idea to my team and everyone thought that it’s great idea. We had prototype after few weeks. From then, we engaged to this app.

Our daughter loves this app. She learns, plays and enjoys it a lot. That’s why we love this app, Kila, so much. And you and your kids will love it too.

Now you can download Kila from the App Stores:

Enjoy it and share your experience. Cheers!

Tuan Tran — Founder

See the Kila explainer video