The Four Friends and the Hunter

The Four Friends and the Hunter

A long time ago in a jungle, there lived a deer, a crow, a mouse, and a turtle. They would share food and help each other.

One day, a hunter appeared and came very close to them. When they saw the hunter, the deer darted away, the crow flew into the sky and the mouse ran into a hole. Unfortunately, the turtle was too slow and he was easily caught by the hunter.

The hunter tied him up with his net. He was sad not to catch the deer but it was better to feast on the turtle rather than go hungry, he thought.

The other animals became very worried and sat down together and worked out a plan to free the turtle. The crow then flew high up in the sky and spotted the hunter walking along the river bank.

The deer ran ahead of the hunter and lay on the ground pretending to be dead. The hunter saw the deer in the distance. He put down the turtle and ran to the deer for its tasty flesh and beautiful skin.

Meanwhile, as planned, the rat bit through the net and freed the turtle. The turtle scurried away into the water of the river.

Unaware of the plot by these friends, the hunter went to collect the deer but when he got near, the deer suddenly sprang up and darted off into the jungle.

Dejected, the hunter turned back to collect the turtle he had left behind and was shocked to find the damaged net and the turtle missing.

By now, the hunter was starting to get scared by everything that was happening. He ran out of the jungle and the four friends were once again able to live their happy lives together.

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