Eating Tons of Candy


One reason that parents do not want children to eat candy is because they do not want their children to be able to make their own decisions. Limiting children is not bad idea, but parents have to be clever. The best way to educate a kid, is to simply allow him to do what he believe is right and if that includes eating tons of candy.

This allows him to set his own limit and when he over-do it, he will realize why he aren’t feeling well from eating too much candy. This will teach the child how to make decisions, and that’s an important skill. The kid may not be able to make every decision, but he will learn from his mistake and may become a person who doesn’t need someone else to make choices for him.

If parents can make it seem like the children has chosen to set a limit for themselves, they will follow it without questioning. Instead of yelling at children, work with them and talk about their ideas.

If the idea is bad, allow them to see the error in their ways. If the idea is harmful to the child, explain to them why and how it will affect them, do not simply argue with them or use the ever so popular “because I told you so”. This can lead to rebellion in the child.

Sugar is not toxic. A few pieces of candy a day isn’t going to ruin their weight, diet, or health. If parents scare or pressure their kids into making certain food choices, they’re ruining their fun. Let children choose one or two pieces to enjoy as a snack each day, and don’t make a big deal about it.

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