Unity GUI: Old vs New

why use untiy

Unity is an awesome game engine by not only providing features for independent developer but also for premium AAA engines, it’s no surprise that Unity is now holding an important position in game development.

Unfortunately, old GUI system was really a pain.

What’s wrong with the old Unity GUI?

  • It was extremely slow.
  • I ate CPU performance with draw call hungry.
  • It required much coding, making simple thing become more complex and inefficiency.
  • It lacked UI elements. It took long time to make a simple layout because it was not WYSIWYG and could broke connection between artists and developers.

For those reasons, we had to use third-party UI creation tool such as Daikon Forge and NGUI. Those system are great and they have their own advantages. However, with the release of Unity 4.6, there is solution that will erase those past pains. This new and improved Unity GUI makes our (and most of other developers as well) life easier a lot.

What’s benefits of new Unity GUI?

  • It is simple to use.
  • It supports default UI elements like text input, slider, button with more powerful component and visual tools.
  • It has a layout system features with smart anchoring.
  • It allows  wonderful Unity animation system integrated into the UI workflow, allowing for things like bouncing buttons or things that fly into view.
  • It has been built with performance in mind, and to work across any platform that Unity supports.

This update makes Unity even stronger than ever.

For more information, please watch this demo

Why use Unity?

why use untiy

Kila is a big project which must be well managed in order to support both developers and customers. The three main issues that need to be solved are: high volume data resources, appearance, and coding support. So, why use Unity for Kila?

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