Best Activities to Improve Kids Memory


Does your child have a hard time remembering what he wants to say or what you said to him?  If so, he might have working memory issues.
Improving Working Memory skills can lead to improvements in reading fluency and comprehension, and many games and apps offer ways to exercise memory and practice reading. Kila , for example, get kids reading about material they’re interested in, helping them retain relevant information which will expand and grow the more they learn about their favorite stories and games.
Here are some activities to improve kids memory that you may not know.

Using Memory Games. There are lots of children’s games that involve utilizing memory to win. Often these games will begin with a location, a situation and items required. For example, the first person could sing a song. The next person would need to sing another song, including the first person’s last word. As the game goes on, each participant needs to recall songs with required words, and if they can’t they will be out of that round.

Using Mind Maps: It is great help for learning if kids learn to draw a logical and streamlined mind map of any chapter, story, theory, etc. for all the subjects they learn. A mind map looks like this


The kid can be creative and draw a mind map which he finds suitable. This helps in review and revision.

Using Note. Reading comprehension is a memory-intensive skill, as readers need to keep in mind what they have read and combine it with new information.  The use of strategies such as underlining, taking short notes, and reading orally can improve children’s ability to understand and recall what they have read.  Parents can have their children read the same material that has been read to them previously, and then have a brief discussion about it. Recapping previously covered material can help to increase focus and stretch memory.

Using Emotion to Connect Information. Processing information in as many ways as possible can help your child remember it. Help him connect feelings to what he’s trying to remember. For instance, if he’s learning about how people discovered new continental, ask him to think about what it felt like to pass through big ocean.

Using Exercise. Daily exercise has been demonstrated to improve cognitive function and memory. At home we try to incorporate exercise into our daily routine to strengthen connections between the left and right sides of the brain. Get moving with yoga, swimming and bicycling.