Okay honey, it’s bedtime!

Source credit: Saperlotte

For a child, falling asleep can be so much sweeter with a parent at his side, reading their favorite bedtime story. However, most of parent abandoned reading routine with their child too soon, which damaged their literacy. Parents assume their help is no longer needed, but they are wrong. Even if a child is 6-9 years old, he still enjoy bedtime stories or other entertain reading with an adult. Sharing bedtime stories always brings your children benefits for their life time.

Bonding Time

At the end of your kid’s busy day of playing, and your stressed-out day at the office, this is a time to sit with your child and have some real one-to-one time. By keeping your bedtime routine, you and your child get to do something new together – laugh at the bad guys and cheer for the good guys on the book you read. You will have chance to get a peek into how your child see the world though the comments he makes on the characters.

Of course with busy schedules, bedtime stories can fall off the to do list when all you really want is an easy life. But, remember Bedtime story is the key part of every child’s development, and an ideal opportunity for family bonding time.

Brain Development

When your child hear a story a first time, he don’t catch everything. However, as he hear it again and again, he begin to realize that if one page says, ” ‘Why not come and chat with me?’ said the grasshopper.” the next page will tell the reason: ” ‘I am preparing food for the winter,’ said the ant.” They will learn to remember and predict what will happen next based on what they heard earlier in the story. Later, these lessons in understanding sequences, and predicting outcomes will help children in other areas, from math and science to music and writing.

Reading is a pleasurable activity. A child who enjoys reading is never bored and they always have something to do and somewhere to do adventure. So next time your hear your child say “Please read my a bedtime story”, just forget your tiredness and grasp a book. Your child always need you.

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