Dog is a Best Friend for Kid


Kila own a male dog named Bo. He is my best friend and I share everything with him. He’s always happy to see me when I get home. My mom once said that it’s important to grow up with a dog. Do you know that the relationship between you and your pets is special and comforting? It will bring many benefits for your development.

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Kids and Bedtime Stories

Kids, do you like listening a story before you sleep?  Last night, mom read “Seven raven” for Kila. We really enjoyed and were excited to talk about the story. Mom also told me that bedtime stories can be a good chance to build up the personality and share love between family members. Why? Sometime, I just can’t open my eyes, and go to sleep, but mom showed me some reasons of reading bedtime stories.

First of all, bedtime stories relax your mind from your day work like homework, troubles with friends, scolding from elder etc.

Reading stories without pictures will also encourage your imagination, the picture has to be formed in your head from words you hear.

Sometime, the story with good moral at the end helps you to be honest.

In addition, you may take great people and achievers as inspiration after reading their true stories. This also improves your knowledge about personalities.

Especially, it boosts your vocabulary and brings you whole new things about the world around you.

If you were an active kid, bedtime stories help you calm down and you would go to bed easily with  nice dreams.

And finally, the most important reason of all for reading bedtime stories is: this is time which you have with your mom or dad, a chance for you to feel you are indeed loved, cherished and priority.

So, it’s important to reading a bedtime story with your parent, isn’t it? Find out more benefits for bedtime stories and let Kila know!

What will you do in a rainy day?


Hey, it’s raining! Kila is so sad because Kila’s outdoor activities are cancelled. Let’s do something to make a rainy day fun with Kila. Hummm…Kila have some ideas will keep you busy and happy for hours. Let’s do it!

Why don’t we pitch a tent? It’s easy to do. First, you get out some old sheets, blankets, or comforters and drape them over the living-room furniture. Then, use ribbons or hair ties to secure the bottoms of the fabrics to chairs and tables. If you have a secret password that allows outsiders into the private hide-out, it will be interesting. Finally, don’t forget giving a camping lamp, sleeping bags, camping books, and flashlights to decorate your tent.

If you don’t like pitching a tent, how about having a rainy trip? You should make gumboots, hats and raincoats, umbrellas ready to dress up. You can go to your local park, take a walk around the department, or just explore your backyard. Believe me, walking in the rain is a fantastic thing!

So, do you like a fashion show? Let me see how you open a fashion show by yourself. Make a runway by paper, a blanket or a rug, turn on the music. And your fashion show starts now . You can ask your parent to give points for the best runway walk and the most fashionable clothes. It will be more fun if your parent have gift for the best.

And singing! Your home have a karaoke machine or your cable provider offers a karaoke channel? Singing and you will be a rock star, even though your voice isn’t nice.

Last but not least, if it rain all night, a midnight party will be fantastic. Let stay up a little later than usual and enjoy. If you want to decorate your midnight party, you can use torches to light up the room and keep the television off so it feels like a genuine night-time treat. Remember! Do it with your parent.

Now, you won’t be sad or boring in the rainy days. Let’s get it started!

How to choose book for kid


In the last post, Kila wrote about the importance of reading. Today, Kila will write about how you can help a child to be a savvy book selector. As you know, selecting book is an important skill that a child can and should learn. However, there are huge number of good books in country, and how do you know if a book is suitable for your child?  Follow these simple methods to choose book for kid.

First of all, giving the child ability choosing books to read. Don’t worry if a book seems short, too easy, or has pictures. Stories told in comic book are a great way to hook a reluctant reader.  Looking at pictures is a perfectly acceptable way to read a book.

Second, encouraging a child to spend time browsing a selection of books at a library, bookstore or at home. You can organize the books you already have and let your child browse through them. You can separate them by level or type(comic books, chapter books, and so on). You can make signs about the type of book in each container.

And third, taking advices from a librarian. Tell a librarian about your child’s interests — nature, fable, fairy tale — and the names of some books your child already likes. Your librarian can help you find other books that are useful.

Fourth, if the child really wants to read something you know is beyond his or her ability, solve it by reading it aloud together. You can define unfamiliar words or explain what you think is unclear. You can even make a sum, and ask you child the meaning of the story.  That way the child will avoid the frustration and enjoy the added bonus of your company!

Fifth, if the child has really enjoyed a book, look for other books by the same author.

Kila hope you get the idea on how to choose book for kid.  Kila are really appreciated if you can add your own by comment below.