Dog is a Best Friend for Kid


Kila own a male dog named Bo. He is my best friend and I share everything with him. He’s always happy to see me when I get home. My mom once said that it’s important to grow up with a dog. Do you know that the relationship between you and your pets is special and comforting? It will bring many benefits for your development.

When I have Bo, you have to have more responsibilities. I have to learn how to caring him such as filling his water, food bowls, groom and walking with him. I also have to learn how to know Bo’s needs by answer questions such as is he hungry? does he need to go outside? is he getting sick?

Bo gives me unconditional love. He can comfort, give support, and listen to me without judgment or consequence. And, when playing, he can become my partner. If you had a dog, you could get more exercise with it. You can lead the dog to walking, playing and spending more time outside. There are many games which you can play with your dog such as catch the ball, flirt pole, find the tree, running etc., All of that leads to healthier you who are used to a more active lifestyle.

Addition, having Bo in the house helps me and my relatives grow closer through our common love of pet. We share the responsibility for care a dog together, and learn from each other.

Dog is a best friend for kid. Every child should have one.

Kila is very happy if you can share your love with dog by commenting below.