8 reasons why reading is important for kids

8 reasons why reading is important for kids

Everyone knows that reading is not only important for adults but also for kids, but why? In this post, I will list out 10 reasons why reading is important for kids. I hope you can really find how important of reading, so you can get help your kids to explore the world of reading.

1.  It builds vocabulary for kids

Children should not only read books filled with known vocabulary words because they learn vocabulary through reading. The new words embedded within the text force readers to search words’ meaning. Finding word’s meanings is building vocabulary.

2. It exercises kids’ brains

Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain than, say, watching TV is. While reading, our brains are clear and focuses. It strengthens brain connections and actually builds new connections.

3. It boosts imagination and creativity

Reading shows kids to an open world where nothing is impossible by the point of view of writers. Kids will have to translate the descriptions they read of people, places, and things into pictures. They have to imagine how they feel in the same situation.

4. It can enhance kids’ social skills

In some certain circumstances, reading can be a social activity. For example, when parents read books for their kids, they share a few minutes of precious time, plus they share the ideas that are contained in the story. At the end of the books, they can encourage children to talk about what they’ve read or heard.

5. It helps kids who read do better at school

Children who read daily are likely to do better at school than others. Some government studies prove that they did better in the naming vocabulary cognitive test and perform better in spelling and math with higher scores.

6. It can provide children with plenty of good, clean entertainment

Reading can provide children with endless hours of fun. Parents can give them access to plenty of
reading material that they’ll enjoy and discuss it with them, including traditional printed books, ebooks on Internet, and fairy tales on books apps. Books or tablets doesn’t take much space so kids can take it anywhere and never feel lonely or bored.

7. It improves concentration

Children need help with concentration and reading is fun way to help extend and improve it. For example, a father reads story to his son. He starts asking him questions before he read to focus his attention on a story. Then have him let he know when he read the answer to the question. What the father is doing is helping your his son become an active listener.

8. It teaches kids about the world around them

Through reading, children learn about many aspects of people or problems. They can learn from many ways of life, ideas and beliefs. The more they read, the more they understand about the world they live. They can also increases the comprehension of the rules of life to get accepted by the community.