4 Ways to Encourage Kid to Donate to Charity


We all like to give. In fact a growing body of research tells us that we are hard-wired for giving. Giving to charity not only strengthens our communities and aids the people we are helping, but it also gives us feelings of empowerment, joy and inspiration. We want our kids to develop generosity and to be able to experience the happiness that comes from giving. Here are some ideas to encourage kid to donate to charity.

Let Them Choose the Cause

The best way to get kids to donate some of their money to charity is for them to feel connected to a mission for their cause of choice. Children may feel good when they know that their money is going to benefit people in their own communities. They can donate to a local food bank or animal shelter. Many families ask government organization to let them know about families in need, and then donate food, money, toys and clothes anonymously. By making it interesting and fun for them to choose a charity, parents can see a kid’s interests and passions emerge. And don’t forget about showing them the results of their good deeds.

Make It Habit

Children can learn to be generous at an early age. Starting at age 6 or 7, give your child an allowance. Have him set aside some money for charity as well as spending and savings. Help him decide where he would like to spend his charitable contribution. He can donate it to his church or another charity of his choice. Focus on how his money will be spent by the charity and how it will bless the lives of others.

Turn kid’s birthdays into charity events

Instead of a spending on a big birthday celebration, why not focus on helping other people instead by making their next party a charity event. Ask guests to donate old books, toys and clothes that can be donated to your local children’s foundation. Explain to young celebrant that another way to celebrate a birthday is to share blessings with those who have less. Let him be involved in making certain decisions like choosing the appropriate organization.

Help with Natural Disasters

We often see news reports of earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes that devastate communities. Kids have a natural sympathy for the people who have been affected by these disasters. They might also feel frightened and worried that the same thing could happen to them. Giving money through the Red Cross after a disaster can make a kid feel empowered. For example, in 2010, a deadly tsunami attacked Haiti. Many donate resources were from children. They watched the news and they donate money to help the victims of Haiti.