5 ways to develop reading habit for children


Reading is something that cannot only help people in an educational way; it can also help them groom their personality. Parents nowadays are not too happy about their children preference of watching television over reading a book. Children sometime see reading as compulsion, not as good habit. Here are few ways that you can help  develop reading habit for your children:

  • Set time: Everything children learn starts at home, with the family. Until there is some parental involvement, children are not going to develop any habits. You could have a reading time when you and your children sit quietly and read your individual books. Your kids will emulate your habit of reading and enjoy the quiet time spent with you while reading.
  • Make material ready: Make sure that your children has something to read if you want them have a good reading habit. Do not keep books in particular place. Keep them scattered throughout the house, near the eating table, on the bedside shelf. Of course, the books that you surround the children with should be related to their age as well. The books also have to be attractive and appealing  to catch children’s attention.
  • Make discussions: While reading together with your kids, you can raise some questions about the characters or incidents in books’ content. This will develop interests in them and motivate them to read.
  • Visit the library: Library is a wonderful place to engage  your children to read more. It has so many books to catch your kids’ attention. They might also meet other children who also love reading. Having company would definitely help to make children read.
  • Reward reading: Praise and prizes can go a long way in cultivating a reading habit. So, whenever your kids finish a book, you should appreciate it. Reward them something they really like and they will certainly be motivated to read more. These rewards must be small token only.  As they grow up, they will stop needing this extra motivation or the extra prize, because by now, they will already be used to reading so much.

It is essential to develop reading habit because it provides children with a huge advantage and a benefit. They will not just be able to read, they will have an advantage over most other children when it comes to life and they will certainly be better world citizens.

Image source: wikipedia.org